The SURE Guideline

The similarities and differences between the SURE case studies and the country specific parameters, together with the client discussions and internal workshops, have crystallized some important topics for a Nordic guideline on sustainable refurbishment of buildings. One of the most important actions is to help the clients (building owners) to think sustainable.

First, a strategy and a process of defining sustainability have to be set. Then, the finance model and the ambition levels for the project is needed. Further, the client has to create a performance profile of the building. Such a condition survey is of high importance in a very early stage of the project. The performance profile should be compared with the ambiton level and the finances, before the ambition level is finally set. This is a process of strategic analysis.

One of the questions which often arise is whether to refurbish or tear down the building. A guideline on sustainable refurbishment of buildings should give a helpful tool to make the client conclude on this question. Also, a list of sustainable indicators should be presented. The indicators should be mostly quantitative so that they can be measured and benchmarked. Further, the guideline should help the client to plan how to implement these indicators into the project, but also give guidance on how to check the indicators both during planning, building and operation.

The SURE Guideline will guide you through 10 steps to help you focus on sustainable refurbishment of your building:

  1. Awereness of the process and the time aspect
  2. Defining sustainability and strategy
  3. Ambition level and finances
  4. Creating a performance profile of the building(s)
  5. Strategic Analysis – What to do?
  6. Requirement (target) setting – Define a quality program
  7. Selecting teams
  8. Implement the sustainable quality program into the process
  9. Check and act
  10. Monitoring and user behavior

Please click here to start the guideline.


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